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Checklist For Your First Time Smoking Weed

Author: Boss Man | | Categories: Cannabis Dispensary , Online Weed Dispensary , Weed Edibles

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At Luxurious Weed, we understand that smoking cannabis or weed for the first time can be an anxiety-inducing experience. So, relax; we’ve got you!

As experts, we’ve listed some sensible tips to ensure your first smoke session goes smoothly and will keep any paranoia and potential mishaps at bay. Follow our short checklist of everything you need for your first smoke.

1. Lighter or matches
You need a way to ignite your cannabis; remember you’re playing with fire; keep it safe.

2. Budbuster or grinder and scissors
Some people like to grind their weed before smoking it to remove stems and seeds, which you don’t want to smoke. Other tools you might want on-hand include bowl screens, pipe cleaners, and snuffers.

3. Smoking device
You’ll need something (sometimes called a ​“piece”) like a pipe or bong, a vaporizer, or papers to roll a joint to smoke your cannabis.

4. Comfortable spot
You should smoke weed for the first time in the privacy of your or a friend’s home, so you feel comfortable.

5. Entertainment
Have plenty of things handy like music to occupy the time after your first cannabis smoke session.

6. Odor Neutralizers
Air sanitizers and fresheners, scented candles, or incense will help diminish the smell of cannabis.

7. Enjoy the good vibes
Just remember to always be cool. Enjoy the high, don’t force it or ruin it for your counterparts in the smoking circle.

By following these steps, you’re most likely going to have a positive experience!

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